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EPS Medical Consultancy (Japan) Co.,Ltd. AIS CAPITAL and AIS Biotech on Business Cooperation in the Field of Life Science

Presently, EPS Medical Consultancy (Japan) Co.,Ltd. (Head Office: Shinjuku, Tokyo. Representative Director: Kosuke Kuronuma (黒沼 宏輔), Hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is a Japan-China cross-border investment and M & A expert AIS CAPITAL (Headquarter: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Partners: Ken Kaku(郭 健), Xiao MinJie(肖 敏捷) Cui Hao(崔 皓), hereinafter referred to as "AIS CAPITAL ) with Life Science subsidiary of AIS Biotech (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Representative Director: Ken Kaku (郭 健) hereinafter referred to as "AIS Biotech") jointly conduct business cooperation in order to expect the cooperation in China-Japan medicine, R & D seeds and other licensing business.

【Digest of this release】

・Company concludes a business alliance with AIS CAPITAL, a cross-border M&A and financial advisory expert with proven track records, and AIS Biotech, a subsidiary for life science business

・The purpose of this business alliance, is to speed-up fund raising, human resource acquisition and R&D of clinical development for bio-venture companies, as well as help these companies promoting to China medicine market. This partnership enables us to combine the resources of both companies that are familiar with both China and Japan market, and further expand our business


AIS CAPITAL, the holding company of AIS Biotech, is supported by a group of experts specializing in bilateral investment and scale-up support in China and Japan, providing one-stop service for M & A, Strategic/Finance Investment, joint ventures, and business alliances. It is composed of members who are familiar with China and Japan, and has accumulated rich experience and achievements in the context of Japan-China M & A and PE investment. Representative Partner Ken Kaku(郭 健) founded AIS CAPITAL after a long career in M & A and venture capital in domestic general trading companies, securities companies and large Chinese commercial companies. Another representative partner, Mr. Xiao Minjie(肖 敏捷), is a renowned economist who has been engaged in China's economy, financial and capital market research for many years at the Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd and SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.

Thus far, AIS CAPITAL has been largely involved in over 30 China-Japan cross-border M & A transactions and financing advisory services. In particular, many achievements have been made in the field of life sciences, such as supporting the overseas expansion of bio-ventures originating from Japanese academia, which we believe will contribute to the sustainable development of our business.

As one of the strengths of AIS Biotech and our company, the growth rate of the Chinese pharmaceutical market has been very significant in recent years. As a global R & D base, many pharmaceutical companies are looking at the market in China. Through this business alliance, the two companies will take the Chinese market as a starting point to jointly solve the research and development across financing, human resources, general clinical development technology, overseas expansion network, exit strategy and other issues of Japanese drug R & D enterprises to accelerate the development of new drugs. The scope of the alliance includes an overall supplier role aimed at global expansion, such as supporting Japanese companies in drug discovery R & D outsourcing, pharmaceutical strategy consulting and investment support in the Chinese market. Entry support is also provided.

Our Governing Body EPS Creative Health Technology Group Limited( Hereinafter referred to as EPS Creative Health, Head Office: HKSAR, Representative Director: Satoshi Okoso (大社聡) has carried out business in Japan, operated by foreigners residing in the country by AIS CAPITAL, investment “BooSTARX number 1 Investment Business Limited Liability Union” ( BooSTARX number 1 Fund), which supports global expansion for startups.

Through this formal business alliance, we aim to further strengthen our partnership by combining AIS Group's extensive investment advisory experience with EPS Creative Health's China business knowledge and global research experience to provide a wide range of solutions for expanding our business. Entering China can now be made to meet the needs of Japanese companies. In this way, we will support the creation of business opportunities for the development of excellent seeds and existing medicines owned by Japanese companies in China.

Reference 1: Establishment of the first venture capital fund helping startups founded by foreigners in Japan "BooSTARX 1 investment limited liability partnership" (30/08/2021)


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Reference 3: AIS capital supports a licensing agreement for over US$100 million between a Japanese biotechnology venture and a Chinese pharmaceutical company (12/09/2022)


[AIS Biotech]

AIS Biotech is a drug discovery subsidiary specializing in the life sciences sector, such as supporting the overseas expansion of bio-ventures originating from Japanese academia, It is backed by AIS CAPITAL's extensive investment advisory experience between Japan and China.

[EPS Medical Consultancy (Japan) Co.,Ltd.]

EPS Medical Consultancy (Japan) Co.,Ltd. is a drug discovery support company with a base in Japan and China for the purpose of providing advanced solution which utilizes the knowledge of EPS Creative Health's development support business and the drug application in addition to the rich network in medical industry in China.

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