About Us

Committed to the development of the health industry, engaged in the research and development, production, sales of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and other products, as well as professional services for clinical trials...

Company Profile

Established in 1999, our core business is to provide solutions for apparel supply chain management focused on knitwear to corporate clients in the U.S. and Japan.


In April 2021, we became a subsidiary of EPS Holdings, Inc, a Japan-based contract research organization (CRO), site management organization (SMO), and contract sales organization (CSO) for pharmaceutical and medical device development in Asia, and are newly engaged in healthcare business in China as well as other parts of Asia in cooperation with EPS Holdings, Inc.

EPS Innovative Medicine Business

As a trading company specializing in healthcare to connect Japan and China, we are working on the following businesses as a platform to support the commercialization of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and health foods.


  • Provide financing, management and development support services to bio-venture companies and academia
  • Distribute and sell medical equipment and health foods in China
  • Develop pharmaceutical seeds that have acquired development rights as in-house products

Apparel Supply Chain Management Services Provider

We provide one-stop apparel supply chain management solutions for its customers ranging from fashion trend analysis, product design and development, sourcing and procurement of materials, production management, quality control and logistics services.


Customers are mainly owners or sourcing agents of apparel retail brands based in Japan and the USA. We sale knitwear products such as pullovers, cardigans, vests and skirts with the provision of apparel supply chain management services to our customers.