Our Services

Committed to the development of health industry, engaged in the R & D, production and sales of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and other products, as well as clinical trial professional services

Healthcare Segment

In the healthcare segment, we have established a drug discovery platform that provides support including research and development of seeds, product planning, clinical trials, manufacturing, and marketing, as well as management support such as fundraising to bio-venture companies and academia in Japan and China. Utilizing the know-how of the EPS Group, which has continued to do business in the Chinese market, we can provide various solutions ranging from support for fundraising from the Hong Kong stock market and VCs, to obtaining approvals and marketing in China.

Currently, we are working on the following business segments.

  • Provide financing, management, and development support services to bio-venture companies and academia
  • Distribute and sell medical equipment and health foods in China
  • Develop pharmaceutical seeds that have acquired development rights as in-house products

For details, please visit the website of EPS Innovative Medicine Co., Ltd., a group company: https://www.eps-inomed.co.jp/